'myclinic' was conceived after a meeting between an investor and a doctor. A casual conversation about care led to the vision that has taken shape today. Patient Centric care or where patient needs come first.

Why do most patients not enjoy their experience in healthcare services ?

Why do people lose their trust and faith in the healthcare system and ultimately in doctor ?

When Jaibir, our founder, introspected these thoughts and did a bit of personal visits to the clinic around Muscat area, the idea of making a change started to emerge.

'myclinic' was conceived as a warm caring welcoming and enriching environment for you, your loved ones, your caregivers and visitors. It is about integrating medical practices into sensitive, humane, enlightened approach.

It's a place where we feel what you feel, we see what you see, we hear what you hear, we care for your care and most importantly we put you at the heart of the clinic and make you feel at home whilst we take care of you.

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